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Have you been longing for a wellness prescription that does not include harmful medications?

I will help you look and feel your best by optimizing your health with proper nutrition and lifestyle changes.



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Hello There,


I'm Dr. Alda!


I am a Pharmacist, Wellness Coach, and Registered Nurse.  I am dedicated to making you and your family the healthiest and happiest, most energetic version of yourself you can imagine.

"The Doctor Of The Future Will No Longer Treat The Human Frame With Drugs, But Rather Will Cure And Prevent Disease With Nutrition."

Thomas Edison

How We Can Work Together

Together we will work out the best nutrition meal plan, exercise routine, sleep routine, and social networking that will best benefit you to optimize your health.


Everything we do together will be personalized based on your preferences, goal setting, your medical history, medications, and laboratory tests.

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You will love my articles that are heavily researched so that you get the best health and wellness guidance that benefits you the most.




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